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At XINHAO, we prioritize the quality and functionality of our bearings. And to stand up to our commitment to quality, we are adapting to the development and expanding our research and development needs to keep up with the current pace. Suzhou Xinhao Bearing has an array of exported advanced machinery and fully-fetched testing equipment that monitors the production quality at every stage! Whole-process inspection and monitoring from processing and heat treatment to bearing assembly and storage, the experimental scope of our bearing products includes six major sections: strengthening, life test, reliability test, cleanliness test, material mechanical properties, and low-temperature test. Moreover, with more than 30 sets of various testing equipment and over 20 kinds of precision measurements, including 1 British Taylor cylindricity measuring instrument, 2 bearing length measuring instruments, 3 HX-1000TM micro-Vickers hardness testers, 2 metallographic microscopes, and 3 coordinate measuring instruments, 2 German spectrum analyzers, 2 British imported profilers, and other advanced testing equipment, our QC testing facility is unmatched by any other in the industry!

Taylor cylindricity meter

UK Contour Projector

Needle Roller Appearance Visual Inspection Equipment

Three-dimensional measuring instrument


We carry out strict process control from the procurement of raw materials and are committed to continuous improvement of each link to create zero-defect quality management. At XINHAO, we strive to offer you value and quality for your money and enhance customer satisfaction with our products.

Xinhao Bearing has successively passed ISO 14001:2015 environmental management system, ISO 450001:2018 occupational health and safety management system, IATF 16949 2016 automotive industry quality system, and other enterprise certifications that make our quality unsurpassed by any competitors.  

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With the growing customer demand and technological advancements, Xinhao continues to iterate products and introducing advanced technology.

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