With over 30 years of experience in bearing design and professional production support expertise, XINHAO Bearing has made a name for itself as the pioneer of the Bearing Production Industry. Our highly adept and independent research team, with their development capabilities, has made the company recognized as a "Jiangsu High-tech Enterprise" by the China Jiangsu Provincial Department of Science and Technology for many years. XINHAO's technology center, with its efficient R&D team and their integrated R&D, production, and automotive sales approach, was recognized as the "National Technology Center" in 2014, giving us notable recognition in the Bearing production industry.

40+ new-type patents

XINHAO has obtained more than 40 new-type authorized patents and invention patents.


Our needle roller bearings for automobile gearboxes and automobile air-conditioning compressors were well-recognized as high-tech products in Jiangsu Province

UNIVERSITY coopertated

Collaboration with the Zhejiang University and Suzhou Industrial Technology Research Institute allows us to expand our research further.

“Innovation is the vitality of an enterprise’s sustainable development. Owning independent research and development and intellectual property rights is a necessary condition for a product to gain a leading position!”


1st Bearing in china

Air Conditioning Compressor Bearings
China's air-conditioning compressor bearings heavily relied on imports for a long time. And at XINHAO, we set up the first manufacturing facility to develop and produce this bearing, enabling China to replace the imports with domestically produced bearings that pass the most stringent test of the three power systems in China and abroad.
Needle Roller Bearings For Gearbox
1. Our Needle Roller Bearings are used by various renowned companies worldwide. XINHAO is the first Chinese supplier of Needle Roller Bearings to a Volkswagen brand, Sangche and Jetta, passing the quality test at their German headquarters.
2. XINHAO and BYD simultaneously developed and completed the localization of needle roller bearings and valve thimbles for various new energy vehicle transmissions.
3. Moreover, XINHAO won the "National Science and Technology Progress Award" in the localization of planetary gears as the main supplier of 8AT Gearbox Project.
Engine Bearings And Spare Parts
1. XINHAO is the first manufacturer to realize the localized production of engine rocker needle roller bearings in China.
2. Alongside, XINHAO and Mianyang Fulin Precision Co., Ltd. simultaneously completed the development and localized production of various VVT parts and high-precision intake and exhaust covers, revolutionizing the Chinese bearing industry.

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Our advanced and sustainable manufacturing process, along with a digital management system, ensures top-notch quality assurance of the bearings.

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