Bearing process

As pioneers of the Chinese bearing production industry, XINHAO Bearing have been working relentlessly to enhance our overall customer support through continuous development and inclusion of top-notch manufacturing technologies. Our approach toward establishing a standardized management platform has been possible with our U9-ERP system-based, a four- dimensional data management platform that relies on modern product development data management systems. Our manufacturing management offers quality traceability, a self- developed MES production management system, a barcode management system, a WMS logistics management system and quality inspection from suppliers to clients, allowing maximum accountability. 

digital management

Our approach to digital management ensures transparency at every stage of the manufacturing process. From the easy collection of the production process, swift management, and control of production goods, to refining the inventory management regulations and tracing the quality of the whole production cycle, Digital Management aids the operational speed and efficiency at XINHAO Bearing

Green Production

XINHAO strives on establishing green production at every stage of the manufacturing process. From the material source through production and QC, we actively promote the upgrading of energy-efficient technologies that protect the environment. Our manufacturing facilities thrive on the principles of cleanness, high efficiency, low carbon emission, and recycling.

– 100% recycled production materials

– Lightweight product design plan

– Improved energy efficiency

advanced equipments

Xinhao has a powerful technological force, cutting-edge technologies, and exceptional craftsmanship, making us the pioneers of this in the bearing production industry. Owing to over 500 units of various innovative manufacturing and testing equipment, XINHAO strives on using advanced machinery in producing high-precision bearings. With the inclusion of high-efficiency and precise wire-feeding machine tools, CNC machining machines, CNC machining centers, laser cutting machines, and intelligent heat treatment multi-purpose furnace production lines from developed countries such as Germany and Japan, Xinhao aspires to ensure the inherent, top-notch quality of bearing products that can be customized to meet your unique demands!

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quality control

Xinhao always adheres to the product production principle of “quality first”, and presents the preciousness of quality from the practice of each production.

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