Flat thrust bearing assembly

The thrust needle cage assembly provided by Xinhao consists of a thrust cage assembly with needle or cylindrical rollers and corresponding thrust washers (as required). The needle roller and cylindrical roller are held and guided by the thrust cage. When the thrust needle roller and cage components are used together with the thrust plates provided by different series of Xinhao, many different combinations can be provided for the bearing configuration. Because the selection of high-precision needle roller increases the contact length, the bearing can obtain high load capacity and high stiffness in a small space. If the surfaces of adjacent parts are suitable for use as raceways, washers can be omitted.

Electronically controlled variable displacement compressor: 5SEU09C/5SE12C/6SEU14C/6SEU16C/6SE14C/6SE16C/7SB16C/7SBU16/7SE16C/7SEU17C/PXE/PXC16;

Manual gearbox: 02K/MQ200/AQ015/SC63/SH63AMT/SH63P/GP50/SC16M5/SH16M6/T18R/T25R/MF70B/MF86B/MF65B/513MHA/525MHB/SC22M6F/Y4M/SH15M6/SH12M5/MF623/QR512;

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